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We believe that an audit process should be more than just assessing financial information and delivering financial statement...

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About us

Atlantic Trust Company Limited is a dynamic financial advisory firm based in Cape Town. The firm is managed by a group of highly skilled individuals which caters to the client’s financial needs. It was established in 1985 as Trident Trust Company (Cape) Limited and formed part of the Trident Trust group.

The company has staff experienced in accounting, tax, property management and development, investments, business and regulatory environments of the countries in which they are located. They liaise with the clients’ selected representatives to ensure provision of efficient, responsive and cost effective advice, and supervise the implementation thereof. Atlantic Trust actively attempts to maintain an open-door policy and specialises in structuring and advising high net asset value clients.


The following accounting and secretarial services are provided

Data capturing of bank statements

Monthly management account preparation

Annual financial statement preparation

VAT calculations and submissions

Payroll services

Company formations and amendments

Shareholder amendments and maintaining of statutory registers

Submission of annual returns

Submission of annual returns


We believe that an audit process should be more than just assessing financial information and delivering financial statements. We carefully consider the unique elements of the business, and we take time to understand the nature of the business and identify solutions to make a real contribution to profitability.

We also believe there is a great deal to be gained from the review of a business, which isn't covered by the standard audit. The knowledge obtained is utilised in order to provide practical, value added reports to management. We ensure that our audits comply with the professional standards of the International Regulatory Board of Auditors and our methodology meets applicable international standards and regulations.


Since the promulgation of the Tax Administration Act, liaising with the South African Revenue Service is a daunting exercise. The legislative environment is constantly changing and the administration requirements are onerous. The task of submitting a tax return should not be conducted without a specialist. The Atlantic Trust team provides the necessary skills and experience to formulate a clear tax strategy and implementation of the same.

Tax consulting, advice and compliance in South Africa are our niche expertise. Tax advice is given based on your specific circumstances and will incorporate the following:

Income Tax calculations and submissions

Transfer duty calculations and submissions

Employees' tax calculations and submissions

Value Added Tax calculations and submissions

Capital gains tax calculations

Complex offshore structural planning

South African Revenue Service voluntary disclosure programs

Personal and corporate tax planning


Investing is an essential part of any wealth creation strategy. Investments form part of a long-term financial plan to secure your financial future and a means for achieving your life dreams. The management of investments is done in terms of an investment management agreement and is catered to each client’s particular needs and risk portfolio.


Share ownership is the foundation of any trading strategy. Our investment team identifies overvalued, undervalued companies & evaluates the timing decision the investment or trade. Share investing gives investors access to dividends and long-term capital growth.

Offshore investments

Offshore investments give you the freedom to invest on all the major international stock exchanges.

Structured savings

The Nedbank Corporate Cash Manager provides competitive rates and a system that empowers you to manage your money efficiently through our staff.


Trust administration and formation is an integral part of the daily operations of Atlantic Trust Company Limited and the company has over 28 years of experience in this field. Our offices deal with the complete process from formation, administration, management, investments and cost management.


Estate planning essentially involves structuring your personal financial affairs in such a way that, upon your death:

Estate duty ("death taxes") are minimized

There is sufficient liquidity to meet the estate's financial obligations

Records are maintained


Involved in investment property management and development. Source property development partners and mandates, control purchases and sales of properties for and on behalf of clients predominantly in the Western Cape.

Contact Us

Physical & Postal Address
Suite 401
47 Strand Street
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: +27 21 423 5678
Fax:+27 21 423 4910
Email: info@atlantictrust.co.za

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